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Funny Pictures! June 8, 2009


It’s Up!

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My New Site Is Finally Up And Running In Good Condition!

First things first, I wanna thank all of you out there for the continuous support you have given me. It is because of all of you that I can get up, when I fall down. The new site gave me tons of problems ( which were caused by me), but I perservered because all of you stuck with me through it. Really! Thank you very very very very much!

Now, all I have to do is to tweak the theme of the website a little. Don’t worry, I am very sure I won’t make another blunder. (though I can’t be totally sure…). But! I’ll try my very best for all of you. I wanna take a break from the new site for awhile, so i’ll be posting a few pictures here! Just random ones, but interesting and funny ones.

Thank you all once again,

Mr. Host


Good News? Anyone? May 7, 2009

Even though i’ve been gone for sooooooooo…… Long,  i’m really happy that all of you guys still support me and my website. ( I think thats broken [ non-proficient] english). It’s been really long since that blunder I made, and ever since then, i’ve been trying to get it fixed. The fruits of my labour are showing, and now it’s ok!

But, even though it’s fixed, I still have many things to do before i can start posting there. So, i’m absolutely sorry for not posting even when I said I would. The theme seems to work fine there, but I wanna find one that can hold up Kanji.

During the some free time I had, I went to the arcade. I saw K.O.F!! I haven’t seen that in quite awhile, and so after that outing, I went to do a wikipedia search on it.   Below is what wikipedia stated about a character, I was laughing non-stop. Sorry guys, if this isn’t to children friendly…

This character is made famous in King of Fighters – Mai Shiranui. Now, the wikipedia quote that I think might just be true! Quote –and in another article discussing breasts in gaming, which stated “When it comes to 2-D breasts, no character tops Mai Shiranui”.

Again I apologise if the picture above was not considered what you would call children-friendly. Now, i’m going back to get things back in order for my website. Thank you everyone for your much appreciated support.


Sorry For The Delay April 25, 2009

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I’m still trying my best to get the new site up, but I tried doing something new and made it wierd. It’s definitely gonna take quite awhile. I can only ask for your understanding at a moment and crisis like this. I’ll be going back to the website to configure it, but i’ll be posting abit more. Look forward to the new anime posts!


| ~*~*~*~ Important Notice ~*~*~*~ | April 15, 2009

I updated some videos, like Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! opening 6 and Naruto Shippuden’s 4th opening. I managed to get a hold of the lyrics for those. You can find those two in the catergories at the side of the page.

We Are Moving!

Well, I always wanted to change my theme for my “site”, so now i finally get a chance. I am moving to a self-hosted website * I feel more independant already!*. The Website will be called!

It’s not up yet, so don’t visit, but rest assure that it will be up soon. I will be posting alot less, for the time period when i’m moving. I will definitely make up for all of the posting I am missing now. Another update will be on-site when the “moving house” has been completed.

Thank you for all your time and support.

Your anime crazy host, Mr.Host


Bleach Opening 10 ~ Shoujo S by Scandal

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This is Bleach opening has everyone posing! I’ll have the lyrics by 18th of June, or earlier!


Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! Episode 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 April 13, 2009

I used one post for so many episodes because, these episodes all are introducing some character. And these characters, will be important in the near future of the show.

Found this image on! Looks cool! (more…)