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Good News? Anyone? May 7, 2009

Even though i’ve been gone for sooooooooo…… Long,  i’m really happy that all of you guys still support me and my website. ( I think thats broken [ non-proficient] english). It’s been really long since that blunder I made, and ever since then, i’ve been trying to get it fixed. The fruits of my labour are showing, and now it’s ok!

But, even though it’s fixed, I still have many things to do before i can start posting there. So, i’m absolutely sorry for not posting even when I said I would. The theme seems to work fine there, but I wanna find one that can hold up Kanji.

During the some free time I had, I went to the arcade. I saw K.O.F!! I haven’t seen that in quite awhile, and so after that outing, I went to do a wikipedia search on it.   Below is what wikipedia stated about a character, I was laughing non-stop. Sorry guys, if this isn’t to children friendly…

This character is made famous in King of Fighters – Mai Shiranui. Now, the wikipedia quote that I think might just be true! Quote –and in another article discussing breasts in gaming, which stated “When it comes to 2-D breasts, no character tops Mai Shiranui”.

Again I apologise if the picture above was not considered what you would call children-friendly. Now, i’m going back to get things back in order for my website. Thank you everyone for your much appreciated support.


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