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About Me, About The Site ~ March 30, 2009

Hello, and thanks for visiting this site! First of all, Introduction!

I don’t really enjoy revealing my real name on the net, so I won’t show it here. If you are really itching to know, you can leave a message or something. But that doesn’t mean I will definitly tell! For my real name is *CENSOR CENSOR*!! I have many nicknames though. A few would be… Dezeon, Cross, Shiro, Mr.Host And Asakura. Mr.Host is just something that friends call me, cause i have many personas. Though I personally don’t agree, *talks to myself*. Feel free to call me any of those kay! By the way, i’m a guy/male/boy. And my age is in between 9-900, quite easy to guess aye? I live somewhere on this earth where the state, nation and country is all known by the one same name.

This site/blog/wordpress thing-y, is gonna be all about animes and mangas. Though there might be a few other things.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the site! Thanks once again for dropping by!


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