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Soul Eater Opening 2 ~ Paper Moon by Tommy Heavenly6 April 11, 2009

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Sorry guys, there wasn’t any decent Soul Eater opening 2 on the net. So if you have or have found one, please tell me. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Lyrics Below

Japanese Lyrics:

I’m falling
Down into my shadow
Iki wo hisomete
matteiru Deadly Night
Don’t Scary
Kimi ga nozomeba
donna sekai mo
sono me ni utsuseru kara
See you in your dreams yeah baby
kowai yume datoshitemo

Fairy Blue kimi no tame ni
hoshi wo kudaki
Black Paper Moon
Shinjite kureta nara
When you’re
lost Here I am
Forever With Your Soul
miagereba kagayaku
tsuki no you ni

English Lyrics:

I’m falling
Down Into My Shadow
still your breath
for the deadly night awaits
Don’t Scary
if such is your wish
any world you like can appear
before your eyes
See you in your dreams yeah baby
be they good or bad

All for you in fairy blue
The black paper moon adorned
the sky with the stars it laid to waste
if you placed your faith in me!
When you’re
lost “Here” I am…
“Forever” With Your Soul
like the moon you’d see
shining above


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