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Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! Opening 4 ~ 88 by LM.C April 9, 2009

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Lyrics Below!

Japanese Lyrics:

wasurete shimau darou
kata ni tsumoru kanashimi wa nagareru hoshi no te ni dakare

tameiki hitotsu de RISETTO sareru
muken no RUUPU no you na hibi sa
migimuke hidari ga toomawari demo sore de iinda

kaze ga fukitsukeru no wa kitto
biru no sukima wo tobikau zatsuon ga
kimi ni kikoenai youni

yozora ni egakareta
hoshi o tsunagu monogatari sono mune kogareru gensou
wasure wa shinai darou
mawari michi ni saiteta hana naita ato mo kizuato mo
kakaeta mama aruite yukeba ii

English Lyrics:

You’ll surely forget
that the sadness heaped on your shoulders
is embraced by the hands of a shooting star.

With a sigh,
even the endless looping days are rest.
If there is a thorny path to your left, it’ll be fine if you face right.

The wind will undoudtebly continue to blow,
and through a crack in the building, the noise flutters down,
as if it can’t hear you.

Drawn in the sky,
the stars tell a story, as if they are illusion burned on your heart.

I certainly won’t forget
the flowers that bloomed on the scenic route, after the tears and scars.

You can continue going on if you hold them.


One Response to “Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! Opening 4 ~ 88 by LM.C”

  1. suzette Says:

    i really love this song’s..woooh!!!!!!
    kyoya is the most hot of them all!!!


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