The scenery outside the window changes fast

Live The Life The Anime Characters Live!

Naruto Episode 4 & 5 April 7, 2009

Episode 4’s Title: Pass or Fail: Survival Test
(Shiren! Sabaibaru enshū, 試練!サバイバル演習)

Episode 5;s Title: You Failed! Kakashi’s Final Decision
(Shikkaku? Kakashi no Keturon, 失格?カカシの結論)

Pictures will recount the test!

Introductions! Team 7 meet Hatake Kakashi!Kakashi asked them to assemble at 5.a.m… he arrived around 9…Naruto tries to attack Kakashi, only to be countered with a ‘ Sennen goroshi’!Sakura falls prey to Kakashi’s genjutsu.Sasuke tries his luck with a powerful katon jutsu (fire technique)Sasuke fails as well! How cute, a head sticking out of the ground!Team 7 finally learns teamwork!After telling them that teamwork is important with an inspiring speech, he passes them. They are his only students, who pass the test given to them.


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