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Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn Episode 1 April 7, 2009

Title! : What!? I’m the Tenth Generation Mafia Boss!?
(Ē!? Ore ga Mafia no 10 daime!?, えぇ!? 俺がマフィアの10代目!?)

A strange infant, Reborn, claiming to be a hitman for the Mafia approaches Sawada Tsunayoshi – ‘Tsuna’. To Tsuna’s dismay, he has just been chosen to become the next Vongola boss.

The pictures reveal the meeting!

Quite a plain title image… But trust me, the story is not plain!The one on the left is Sawada Tsunayoshi, and the one on the right is Reborn.This is Sasagawa Kyoko, the girl Tsuna likes.Our most-feared discipline commitee leader, Hibari Kyoya.Our baseball enthusiast, Yamamoto Takeshi!Tsuna shot by the Dying-will bullet. Shout: “Reborn!!”A senpai challanges Tsuna to a Kendo match. You can tell who won, by the horrific expression of Tsuna’s opponent. And yes, Tsuna pulled out his hair…


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