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To Aru Majutsu no Index Episode 1 April 6, 2009

Title: Academy City
Gakuen Toshi (学園都市)

Tōma Kamijō is level 0 esper living in Academy City and has a unique ability that allows him to nullify psychic, magical, and divine powers, but also his own good luck. His unique ability allows him to survive a reluctant duel against Mikoto Misaka, a powerful level 5 psychic capable of controlling and generating electricity. However, the duel ends when Mikoto causing a citywide blackout and Tōma awakes the next morning to find a young nun from the Church of England hanging off his balcony. Introducing herself as Index, she reveals that she is being chased by magicians because she ‘has’ 103,000 grimoires. The two become friends after an embarrassing incident for Index to prove the existence of magic and Tōma to prove the power of his right hand and they part ways. However, when he returns home, Tōma finds Index laying on the ground bleeding and behind him a man who calls himself a magician.

Pictures, show the espers!

This is our male protagonist, Kamijyo Toma!This is our female protagonist, Misaka Mikoto.  Toma calls her Biri Biri (Sparky). This is also our female protagonist, Index!When Toma’s Imagine Breaker powers come into contact with Index’s magic robe….And Misaka has a one-sided rivalry with Toma…This is another magician. Who is he? Find out in the next episode!


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