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Live The Life The Anime Characters Live!

Bleach Episode 12 & 13 April 6, 2009

Episode 12’s title: A Gentle Right Arm
Yasashii migiude, (やさしい右腕)

Episode 13’s title: Flower and Hollow
Hana to horō, (花とホロウ)

In these 2 episodes, Sado and Orihime gain their powers when they are confronted by hollows. All these happened while Ichigo is still competing against Uryuu, in a match to see who can kill the most hollows in 24 hours!

Let The Pictures Do The Talking!

Episode 12’s title image!Episode 13’s title image looks like *…. spoiler….*Ichigo splits a hollow neatly into 2 with his sushi-cutting skills! By the way, the sushi-cutting skills… I made them up..Sado and a few others saw this in the sky. Guess what it is!Sado’s powers emerged!  Sado’s large fist are for him to protect others! *Heroic music plays*The hollow lost one arm to Sado already. The next time Sado strikes, it’s bye-bye-bi for the hollow.

Inoue feels a presence behind her!They look funny, but they are Inoue’s powers. Their ability is to form a shield and repel whats on the outside of the shield.These two are also Orihime’s powers. They form a barrier and reject everything inside that area. In other words, ‘healing’.He is also one of Inoue’s powers. He rejects both sides of the shield, in other words, splitting them apart.Both Sado and Orihime meets Urahara for the first time. Urahara explains stuff about Shinigamis and hollows, which of course they find hard to believe.


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