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Bleach Episode 11 April 6, 2009

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Title: The Legendary Quincy
Densetsu no Kuinshī” (伝説のクインシー)

Ichigo and Rukia meets Uryuu Ishida. A boy in Ichigo’s class, that belongs to a clan known as Quincy. Ishida hates Shinigamis, and declares duel between Ichigo and himself.

The pictures show what took place!

Title! Bleach 11!!I’m not suprised about Sado or Ichigo getting 11th and 23rd in the school’s academic ranking. I’m shocked Inoue got 3rd! Ishida shoots an arrow from his Quincy bow!Ishida is amazing at handicrafts. Though Ichigo finds it really lame.Ishida can see spirit threads. Normal human spirit threads are white, while Shinigami’s are red.And so Ishida challanges Ichigo to a match. What kind of match? Find out in the next episode!


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