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Live The Life The Anime Characters Live!

Naruto Episode 2 April 4, 2009

Episode 2’s title: My Name Is Konohamaru! ( Konohamaru da kore!, 木ノ葉丸だ コレ)

The fun, laughter and pranks begin when Naruto meets the 3rd Hokage’s grandson.

Pictures show the fun that took place!

No, that guy with the face paint is not Konohamaru… It’s Naruto okay! It’s just a title image!This is Konohamaru. How cute, he wishes to fight his grandfather. Just that his grandfather is the 3rd Hokage!The man with his mouth agape is Ebisu. He is Konohamaru’s teacher. The old man in the background is the 3rd Hokage.Naruto asks Konohamaru to transform into this cute onee-san!Yes, we can all tell that Konohamaru is either sight-impaired or very bad at transforming.Finally, Konohamaru is able to grasp the technique and use it on Ebisu.Konohamaru fails to defeat Ebisu with his Oiroke no Jutsu ( In english – temptation/sexy no jutsu). Naruto steps in with his new technique, that uses both his Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and Oiroke no Jutsu. The Harem no Jutsu is born!


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