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Ga-rei Zero Episode 1 April 4, 2009

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Title! : Above Aoi (Aoi no Ue, 葵上)

Personally, I think that this episode is pretty redundant. All the people you see for the first three quaters of the show got killed. I was only made happy, when I saw a familliar face at the end. The familliar face is the person that killed the ‘main’ characters of this episode.

Cool bike!! If I were chased by an angry mob of evil spirits, this would be my mode of transport! Ga-rei Zero has many wierd and cool weapons.

The group of people who don’t need equipment to see evil spirits. I won’t name them, they aren’t important… You’ll know why later.

Catergory B: Kasha~~ It’s the name of the monster

Cool sniper! Agree? Agreed!

The one in the shadows? They call her a Catergory A. But she’s just a exorcist corrupted by evil spirits! A strong exorcist for that matter…

This is Isayama Yomi, the Catergory A. She look pretty for an ‘evil spirit’. She killed all 4 of those people in red. That’s why i said they weren’t important.


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