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Bleach Episode 9 April 4, 2009

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Episode 9’s Title: Unbeatable Enemy ( Taosenai teki, 倒せない敵)

Ichigo continues to confront the hollow Grand Fisher. This episode is one of the few episodes where Ichigo’s dad looks cool, or at least a little better then usual. The picture of him will be below!

Do you really think the enemy is unbeatable? The pictures will tell you if he really is unbeatable..

Grand Fisher looks like a giant hamster!

He sliced off Grand Fisher’s arm pretty nicely. Bye bye arm!

He in return got stabbed pretty well. Ouch..

Grand Fisher played dirty… Using Ichigo’s mum. FOUL PLAY!

Rukia remembers her captain teaching her about two types of fights. One is the fight for life, the other is the fight for pride.

Ichigo got stabbed! Not fatal though…

Ichigo:Pay back for stabbing me!!  *Gathers Grand Fishers blood and goes to the blood bank*

The cool picture of Ichigo’s dad I promised! The cool Isshin pose. By the way, his name is Kurosaki Isshin.


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