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Bleach Episode 8 April 4, 2009

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Title: June 17, Memories in the Rain
(Rokugatsu jūnananichi, ame no kioku, 6月17日、雨の記憶)

The Kurosaki family goes to visit their mother’s grave, only to run into trouble. Whether the trouble comes from their pervertic father or a very powerful hollow, or even a Shinigami.

Let the pictures show you what happened on June 17th.

Title image! What does water have to do with this episode?

What kind of father tries to look up into their daughter’s skirt?! Ecchi!!

A peek into the past. That’s Ichigo and his Mum! How sweet…

Ichigo barely dodges the shinigami’s sword. By the way, shinigami’s call their swords, Zanpukto (soul slayers).

Do you see a faint thing-y pressing Karin to the ground and strangling Yuzu? Thats the hollow – Grand Fisher.

Like it says. To Be Continued!


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