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D.Gray-man Opening 1 ~ Innocent Sorrow by Abingdon Boys School April 3, 2009

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Lyrics Below!

Japanese Lyrics :

Saketa mune no kizuguchi ni   afure nagareru   PAIN In the dark
Kasaneaeta shunkan no   tsunagaru omoi   tokashite

Samenai netsu ni unasarete   saigo no koe mo kikoenai

Don’t cry   kowaresou na hodo dakishimetara   kimi ga furuete ita   Oh
Sotto   kazasu te no hira ni furete misete

Kitto   sagashite ita n da iroasenai   kimi to iu na no kiseki o
Motto   tsuyoku te no hira de boku ni furete   Ever and never end
Tokihanatsu   So far away

English Lyrics :

PAIN spills and flows from the wound in my torn chest In the dark
And dissolves the thoughts that connect overlapped moments

Having a nightmare in a fever that I can’t wake from, I can’t hear your final voice

Don’t cry, if I embraced you to the point that you seem to break, you’d tremble, Oh…
Show me that you’ll softly touch my raised palms

Surely, I’ve searched for the unfading miracle named ‘you’
Touch me with stronger palms; Ever and never end
I’ll release, So far away


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