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D.Gray-man Episode 1 April 3, 2009

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D.Gray-man episode 1!

Title: The Boy Who Hunts Akumas ( Akuma o Karu Shōnen, アクマを狩る少年 )

The start of a great anime! Let the pictures tell the tale…

This Allen Walker. Our goody-two shoes protagonist. Yoroshiku! (nice to meet you!)

Our police-lady. She apparently doesn’t believe in demons…. She’s gonna change, and for good.

Allen’s arm before it turns into an Anti-Akuma Weapon

Yes yes people, calm down. That fat-tubby guy in the smoke is the creator of akumas. The Millennium Earl!

“My very own put-together-gundam set!”…. Just pulling your leg, that’s how an akuma is made.

Allen’s Anti-Akuma weapon! Bring salvation to the akuma’s soul Allen…


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