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D.Gray-man ( ディーグレイマン ) April 3, 2009

The anime D.Gray-man ( ディーグレイマン ), is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino. D.Gray man falls under these genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen, Supernatural The series tells the story of a boy named Allen Walker who is able to use an ancient substance called Innocence, and becomes an Exorcist in order to collect all the Innocence that is lost in the world alongside other Exorcists and to defeat the Millennium Earl who possesses an army of akuma. The manga was first serialized in 2004 in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine, published by Shueisha under their Jump Comics imprint. The manga has also been adapted to an anime series that aired from October 3, 2006 to September 30, 2008 in Japan for 103 episodes.

Set during the end of a fictional nineteenth century on Earth, D.Gray-man mostly centers around 15-year-old Allen Walker. The D.Gray-man manga has been highly popular in Japan; as of 2007, the series ranked as the ninth best seller series of the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine.During its second release week, the volume fifteen of the manga ranked as the second best seller comic in Japan. A.E. Sparrow of IGN,also said that “Walker is a solid hero with a dark past, the Millenium Earl is a menacing villain you’ll love to hate” and the supporting cast shows enough potential to hold interest into future volumes.


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