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Bleach Episode 2 April 2, 2009

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Bleach Episode 2!

Title: A Shinigami’s Work ( Shinigami no oshigoto, 死神のお仕事 )

Many things happen in this episode. And Ichigo helps Rukia with her job!

So Pictures! Start opening your mouth and start talking!


The opening song’s called Asterisk. It’s by the japanese band – Orange Rage. This Bleach’s first opening song!

rukia-in-sch-uRukia makes her way into Ichigo’s school. She is Kuchiki Rukia-san, the new transfer student!

handshakeA nice warm handshake perhaps?

kurosakiRukia asks Ichigo to help with her Shinigami duties. Unknown to her, Ichigo has enterd his parallel world of question marks!

my-pajamasIchigo’s sister Yuzu, has her pajamas and a dress missing. She suspects Ichigo! Ichigo you pervert!

cupboard-pervertIchigo gets a horrible fright when he realises Rukia is living in his cupboard! And yes people, that’s Yuzu’s pajamas. Their about the same size?


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