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Bleach Episode 1 March 31, 2009

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The title of the first episode is : The Day I Become a Shinigami ( Shinigami ni natchatta hi, 死神になっちゃった日 )

Let the pictures do the talking!

bleach-ep-1This is the title image

rukia-on-phonepoleA picture of Rukia, the first shinigami shown in the series. You’ll see this picture alot after another… 100 episodes?

scary-mainThe main protoganist of the series – Kurosaki ichigo. He gets angry at a bunch of hoodlums, who knocked over a vase of flowers meant for a lil’ girl’s spirit.

father-sonAww.. Father and son ‘bonding’ time.

intarigateRukia who gets kicked from behind, by Ichigo. Apparently, Rukia had no idea Ichigo could see her.

rukia-close-upA close up at Kuchiki Rukia-dono’s serious-looking face.

face-off-with-hollowKurosaki Ichigo V.S. Hollow. Most hollows around that power level, look like that. Tite Kubo has done an amazing job designing the hollows!

shinigami-desuLike the picture says, Death God.


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