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Princess Lucia Chapter 1! March 30, 2009

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So a new manga begins! ( not just, and not so recently either though). Princess Lucia comes out bi-monthly. Not like the normal one-week-once. I made a mistake by sitting infront of the computer for weeks ( of course not non-stop), waiting for Princess Lucia chapter 2. So, to my despair, I found out bi-monthly’s other meaning. It can mean either

  1. Once 2 weeks
  2. Once 2 months

And like I said, to my despair, it is the latter. Princess Lucia falls under these genres – Ecchi, Romance, Harem, Supernatural, Shounen. Princess Lucia is somewhat similar to Shuffle!/Shuffle! Memories (anime/manga). Though Princess Lucia is only in the catergory ecchi, while Shuffle!/Shuffle! Memories is a R-15 anime. I wouldn’t mind waiting 2 months to see the next few chapters, but others might disagree.

The first chapters contained 38 pages of story, excluding some other things like editor’s notes and credits, etc etc. You can read the full thing at Since it’s so long, i’ll just introduce some characters.


The gal in the picture is non other then our, Princess Lucia or Lucia-hime! The boy in the picture is Koizumi Yuta! Lucia loves Yuta, and apparently wants to make a baby with him!


If Princess Lucia was made into an anime, Lucia would look like this! Kawaii desho? (isn’t she cute?)


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